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Allstate Locksmith offers the Security of Access Key Control for New York City commercial and industrial operations. Allstate Locksmith installs proximity cards with small radio transponders can that identify the holder to the system and protect your business from unauthorized entry. The “proximity” means that the card merely needs to be held near the card reader to gain access.


Proximity cards  are the size and shape of a credit card and are printed with owner’s picture for additional security. Contact the New York City Access Control Specialists and get your business security plan put in place. Access Key Control Systems also track employee entry and exit for added security.

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You can control access by employees based on a clock for shift change access and day of week access to prevent employees from entering the property when they are off shift. You can code access keys for overnight use by you cleaning or maintenance services. To protect your business and your assets requires a solid security plan, an access key control system can protect your business and help reduce insurance premiums. You will be able to limit access to restricted areas, sensitive and tech areas and main entrances based in the need for each employee to have access by shift. With a key card access system, you decide who can enter and exit each designated area of your business.

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Help Keep Your New York City Operation Safer With an Allstate Locksmith Access Key Control System! For an even higher-level of security, Allstate Locksmith in New York City offers biometric security control panels. Biometric systems allow access based on unique identifiable biology like fingerprints which cannot be lost, or counterfeited. Given the amount of information contained in a fingerprint, the chances of any two fingerprints being identical are estimated at 1 in 65 Billion. Biometric Access Key Control Systems include fingerprint-readers or key-pad’s that can be used for access control by means of fingerprint recognition authentication prior to keypad access.

Help Keep Your New York City Business Safer with an Allstate Access Key Control System!