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Allstate Locksmith does more than install high security locks. Allstate locksmith’s most requested security service is CCTV installation. Closed-circuit television are the eyes and ears of your business or home when you’re away. Allstate Locksmith also services and repair existing CCTV systems and access key control systems.

Allstate Locksmith CCTV Systems are unique with electronic recorders and can be installed with hidden surveillance cameras. In the age of satellite computing, you can monitor the security of your home or business from your cell phone (Android and iPhone). Closed-circuit television can prevent crimes, and CCTV solves crimes based on recorded documentation of the events.

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Allstate Locksmith offers surveillance and closed-circuit television for residential and commercial security. Allstate Locksmith;s professional installers have installed CCTV for: stores, restaurants, resorts, casinos, hotels, pawn shops, retail locations and hotels. Call to schedule your free installation estimate. Allstate Locksmith also can complete your system upgrades and maintenance requests.

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Allstate Locksmith Surveillance Security Systems Include:

  • High Definition Digital Video Recorder
  • Industry Standard DVR 3x Longer Video Storage
  • Higher Quality than the OUTDATED MPEG & JPEG DVRs
  • Systems include High Resolution Surveillance Cameras
  • Easy to Use Remote Viewing Software
  • View your Security Camera System by Internet & Phone
  • Motion Recording, 24 Hour Recording
  • Two Year Warranty, Satisfaction
  • Guarantee, & Free Lifetime Technical Support
  • For ALL Surveillance Camera Systems

Closed Circuit Television remote viewing capabilities allow you to monitor your business or home from anywhere in the world on your smart phone. You can count on the experienced technicians at Allstate Locksmith to provides sales assistance, security system service and professional installation of your CCTV products for your residential and commercial needs.

Allstate Locksmith is a full service security camera system installer serving the greater New York City area. Allstate Security employees pride themselves on professional installations and service of security cameras and video surveillance systems.

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Allstate Locksmith security professionals are knowledgeable about security camera systems. The staff can assist you in helping you to select an appropriate and affordable home security camera systems. Technicians can assess your commercial security needs and recommend camera systems, video surveillance options and recording platforms to maintain your digital data. Security and surveillance installations are available for homeowners, business owners, property owners and management companies.


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Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems and Surveillance Systems allow for surveillance and monitoring of any location.

Allstate Locksmith also offers:

  • Double External Motorized Cameras
  • External Covered Cameras
  • Indoor Zoomable Cameraslocklogos_3