Deadbolt locks are an important safety feature in your home to keep your home secure. There are many different styles and models of deadbolt locks, but most are either single or double cylinder locks.
Here’s the difference between them:

Single Cylinder Deadbolt Lock: Features a keyhole on the exterior side and a thumb lock on the interior side. This lock will allow you to escape the home quickly in case of fire or another emergency since a key is not required to open it from the inside.

Double Cylinder Deadbolt Lock: Features a keyed cylinder on both sides of the lock. This provides more security on glass doors, since the interior key can be removed from the lock to prevent intruders from breaking the glass and reaching inside to unlock the door, but can make it harder to exit a home in the case of an emergency.

For added security, choose a deadbolt lock with a 1” throw, and reinforce the strike plate in the door frame with longer screws or steel plates.