Homeowners often mistakenly believe that if you can buy a lock in a DIY shop then it will improve the security of a home, but in reality, upgrading or replacing a lock is not as black and white as it may seem.

When selecting a lock for your home is not a case of simply choosing one that ‘looks right’ off the shelf. You need to take into account a number of things such as what type of door or windows you have, the level of security you require, the quality of the frame in which you are fitting it, your insurance requirements and your desired security level, meaning that there is never one lock to suit all needs.

For example a standard mortice lock would not work a multi point locking system on a UPVC door. While a door that has a damaged frame or unreinforced glass panels will be less secure no matter what type of lock you install. So to make sure you have the correct hardware and lock always seek advice from a qualified, inspected and vetted locksmith to ensure you have the best locks to suit your needs.

A locksmith may recommend the installation of a patented or restricted lock into a home as a way of boosting security – patented keys carry legal protection, preventing copies of keys being made without providing proof of ownership.

Original or restricted keys help ensure that extra keys can’t be made without your knowledge and the instillation of such system means that previous owners or tenants should not still have access to your home.

In some instances if patented keys are stolen or go missing, the existing key can be deleted from a locksmith’s key code database, the lock re-configured and new keys issued, ensuring that a lost or stolen key no longer works on the lock, security levels remain high and the need to install replacement locks is removed.

A qualified locksmith such as a member of the MLA will always provide accurate, independent, professional advice on the best lock for your home. A professional will offer additional security advice and perhaps most importantly will be able to fit locks correctly so they cannot be easily removed or damaged. A locksmith will also ensure that any new locks meet your insurance requirements .