Home secure begins at your door locks. Find which lock is best for your doors. Keep your front door secure by finding which lock to install. Here’s a description of some common types of locks for your doors.

Knob locks

A common type of door lock is a knob lock; they are used on all kinds of doors. These locks have knobs on both sides. One side is a lock and the other side is a key hole to unlock the door. When replacing the knob lock, be sure to determine which side of the door the lock is on — you’ll need a right-hand knob lock for a doorknob on the right side of the door, a left-hand knob lock for a doorknob on the left side of the door.

Lever-handle locks

These handled locks are commonly found on interior doors, feel nice in your hand and are more stylish than standard knob locks. They are also easier to access for the handicap people. Lever-handled locks don’t require keys. Locking involves pushing or twisting a button on the inside face.

Deadbolt locks

This door lock type is the most common front door lock — for good reason. Deadbolts are the most secure and are cost-effective. Deadbolts use a metal bolt that slides into the door jam. The bolt is controlled by a latch within the door and a keyhole on the outside.

Keyless entry pads

Electronically controlled locks are essentially deadbolts that use a numbered keypad instead of a key. They require a code to open. More expensive than other locks, electronic locks feature one of two types of keyless entry pads: touch pad or card system.