We’re almost always carrying a bundle of keys in and out of the house, to work, and to school. Have you ever moved into a new apartment and been given identical keys assigned to different doors? Or do you own duplicated keys that belong to your siblings’ and parents’ cars? How many times have you gotten confused over which key is which?
Many of us have experienced this frustration and have tried to come up with our own solutions. Too many times we end up using our own strategies in hopes of memorizing which key belongs to which house and which car.
Here are ways you can possibly distinguish between keys.

Differentiating Strategies

Use nail polish to paint over the handle of the key. A different color for a different key.
Others have used sub-key rings to distinguish between keys.
Ask the hardware store to copy your keys in different color metals.
Write on the handle with Sharpie, but be aware that the marks will fade with time.
Put engravings on the key.
Wrap keys up in different colored tapes.
Give each key a different texture to make them identifiable by touch.

These are a variety of strategies used for key labeling. Play around with the key, give it a design that will say it’s yours, and most importantly help you label and identify each one.