Experiencing a Lockout: Security and safety are primary concerns when you experience a lockout. You should have a spare set of keys with a trusted family member or neighbor to prevent a residential lockout at your home. You can have your keys duplicated by a professional locksmith to make sure that you have back up keys that will work in an emergency or accidental lock out.  The professional locksmiths at Allstate Locksmith can create copies of your keys through a matching process. The exact size, shape and design of your key is identified to make sure the duplicate keys work as easily as your primary set of keys.

Key Type Identification: By utilizing key identifier software or by manual account, the professional technicians at Allstate will determine the exact match for your current set of keys and locks and provide you with a matched set of keys for your emergency contacts.

Key Template Selection: The Allstate locksmith will determine a self-aligning template to match new key blank to replicate the original key.

Key Duplication Process: New key blanks are cut to provide the duplicate set of matched keys and tested to be sure that they operate your locks properly.

The duplication process provides an exactly matched set for your home, office or business security needs. Key duplication for your residential locks, external building locks, commercial or industrial buildings or apartment rental units can be completed with accuracy and efficiency to guarantee a proper duplication process and working sets of keys. Allstate technicians carry a variety of key blanks and lock sets, including Mul-T-Lock and Medeco, as part of the mobile key inventory for emergency calls.