Burglary is on the rise and traditional padlocks are not keeping homes secured from these criminals. FBI reports that a home burglary occurs every 16 seconds in the United States. You need to adopt comprehensive security measures at your home that would discourage even expert thieves and burglars. Here are a few simple ways in which you can make your home safe.

Don’t Attract Attention
Here is the first security measure that you need to adopt. You might have recently brought a premium HDTV or something else expensive, and once you have installed these things inside your home you tend to leave the empty packaging boxes out for the garbage man. These are things that tend to attract the burglars and allow them to easily identify your affluence.

Secure The Doors
Your doors are most vulnerable in case of a burglary. Statistics prove on most occasion burglars tend to break through the front or the backdoor of a house. Which is why you need to secure the doors. Depending on the type of the door you might need to carry out extensive door repairs. This may include repair of the door frames, door locks, replacing the door jambs, door hinges and door closers. When exposed to elements over a long period of time the door and accessories tend to become weak and easily give away. To make the doors more secured you can also install access control systems, panic hardware, high security locks and keyless entry systems.
Securing your home is much like maintaining your health; you need to take care of it. Most of the above mentioned safety measures need to be implemented in a professional way. This is where you need to hire the services of experts.