There are a number of reasons you may need a locksmith to provide lock repair at your home or office.

You find yourself turning the key in the lock with no movement of the bolt. You may be using a spare key that will not turn the bolt because of a bad cutting. If you try to move the key in the lock and feel some resistance, the lock mechanism may need lubrication and you run the risk of breaking the key in the lock.

You may have inherited a lock where the bolt doesn’t fully reach into the door latch thanks to poor installation and mismeasurement. You may find you have to lean against the door to successfully have the bolt and latch make a secure connection. Or the latch bolt may be constantly hitting the strike plate rather than gracefully easing into the mortise.

Don’t wait to repair a lock because you risk your security, your time and your peace of mind. They can quicklybe fixed without a problem without the time and expense of putting in entirely new hardware.