Gone are the days when phones were only used for verbal communication. In this era of smartphones, it becomes a quintessential necessity for not just verbal but all types of communication; everything from web browsing to video conferencing to business transaction and security. Innovation in telecommunication in the last one decade has grown exponentially and digital solutions to even basic of human necessity are achieved by smartphones. In the latest development, digital entrepreneurs have amalgamated three critical personal possessions into one: phone, wallet and keys.

Keyless Entry Systems the challenge is not to find a solution for your single key but entire key chain of your house. I am giving you some incredible examples of keyway lock and security through smartphones that fortifies your home security as well as personal security.

Touch to open

With advanced technological security keys, you don’t have to fumble every time when you come to your door and look for your keys. Keyway Lock and Security revolutionizes the home security in a new way where all you need is to unlock your key through your smartphone. This is the ultimate level of convenience fused with technology. The virtual key system has following benefits that stand out from the conventional system:

Virtual key system to monitor and control door access through an app.
Doesn’t require complex installation process and easy to upgrade
It can also useful for bikes, cars, safes and offices.
Smart security automation to control entire house.
Evolution of your smart key

The new smart key is developed with simplicity in mind. The new smart keys helps you send, receive and delete eKeys. You can also check the log of lock activities and also set notifications. It’s a simple technology where you just once launch the app and relax. No need to enter your password every time.