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Safe & Vault Locksmith

Allstate Locksmith’s Licensed Safe & Vault Locksmith’s carry all safes types. Safes comes in different sizes, different locking mechanisms; safes may be resistant to water or fire and safes may serve different purposes for your home or business. Call 855-782-6858 for a free consultation in regards to your safe needs.


Security Safes



safes 4Allstate Locksmith offers sales, service, and installation of safes for applications in household and commercial use. Allstate Locksmith carries a vast selection of safes including fire rated safes, depository safes, wall and floor safes, burglary safes, and gun safes. Safes come in different sizes and ratings so you can choose the level of security that is right for your specific business or personal needs.
All safes are available with an electronic keypad or a combination dial.

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Depository Safes


Depository safes are ideal for business purposes. Depository safes allows employees to drop cash or other valuable items into the safe without opening the safe. Depository safes can hold money and important documents among other things such as jewelry and flash drives. Depository safes can come in single door or double doors.

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Gun Safes

Gun Safe

Allstate Locksmith gun safes come in a variety of different sizes. Allstate Locksmith smallest gun safes hold a single pistol while larger gun safes can accommodate multiple rifles and shotguns. If you are in law enforcement or government agency such as the DEA, FBI, Homeland Security, etc, ask us about our special government discounts.
Allstate Locksmith has a strong stance on gun safes. If you have a gun, lock it up. Gun safes provide secure protection and storage for your firearms and ammunition. Preventing access to guns and ammunition is required by law in many states, and gun safes provide a secure environment for your hunting, collectible guns and target weapons.

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Fireplace Safes

Locksmith offer all types of wall and floor safes in a variety of different sizes depending on your needs. In order to install a home safe, we need to frame and create an opening in the wall of floor where the safe is going to be. Our staff is trained to be as precise as possible to avoid damage to the surrounding area. While we’re at it, ask us about our home improvement services as well. We are more than happy to help you repair anything around your home or office.