Some of us spend a lot of money and effort in making sure our home is secure. But we forget about the security of our garage. It’s likely that your garage is in fact, quite vulnerable to a break-in. But by following some steps, you can make your garage as secure as the rest of your home.

Have a Home Security System Installed
Many homeowners already have a security system installed. Why not install one for your garage as well? It can be connected to the security system in your home, and provide the same level of protection that your home system provides.
Install Motion-Detecting Lights
Motion-detecting lights are a good investment for around your home and garage. Consider installing some of these lights both outside and inside of your garage. Lights go on and would be robbers go away.
Make Your Garage Door Secure
Compared to all the other doors in your home, your garage door locking mechanism is probably quite simple and relatively easy to foil for an experienced thief. And that makes your entire home more vulnerable. Because in most homes, once access is gained to the garage, getting into the home is much easier. You can secure your garage doors with one or more of the following:
Add a deadbolt to your garage door
Install a padlock with a programmed entry code
Don’t Make It Easy To Get In
People have the habit of leaving the garage door opener remote in their cars, whether parked inside or out. That’s like leaving your house key sticking in the lock – it’s an open invitation to thieves. Though keeping your remote in your car is convenient, it exposes you to unnecessary risk.