If you have or know someone who has ever had a break in, you’ll know just how unpleasant the experience can be. Not only will you suffer financially but the emotionally consequences can be devastating. Fortunately, upgrading your front door to make it more secure is quick, cheap and easy.

Security Strike Plate

The strike plate is the metal component in your door frame that houses the door lock. When you close your door, the lock connects with this plate. When a door is kicked in or forced, this strike plate is the most common point of failure. The problem is that a lot of force is being transmitted through a relatively small area. The quickest way to upgrade any door is to buy a security strike plate. Available from any hardware store, these strike plates are tougher and much longer than standard pieces. They transmit force over a larger surface area and make your door tougher to break down.

Install Longer Hinge Screws

Longer hinge screws will resist force better than shorter screws as they penetrate deeper into the door frame. Usually, removing the hinges from a door frame is a difficult and complex job as hanging a door correctly takes a lot of skill. However, methodically removing the existing screws and replacing them with longer screws is quick and easy. Simply remove one screw at a time and replace it with the longer screw. You can work your way down the door from top to bottom without ever having to remove or re-hang the entire door.

Fit A Mortise Lock
Mortise, or dead bolt locks are the gold standard in front door security. The best dead bolt locks contain discs that cannot be picked or bumped open. Manufacturers of these locks also take out patents on the key design. This allows them to control who makes key blanks and who can get keys cut, making them far more secure.