Locks wear out over time, and it’s important to know when to have them replaced. There are reasons behind why locks wear out but time is the one major reason. The good news there are several ways to tell if your lock is going to need a replacement soon.

The Why
Worn out locks are no joke when it comes to the security of your home. Over time, locks lose their ability to stay reliable, and can become vulnerable to intruders making their way in as they please. As locks get older, not only are they easier to pick and break, but the legitimate key which was originally made for it no longer works as well either.

The When
When you look at your lock, if you observe rust, tarnish or a general sense of wearing down it’s probably a good time to start thinking about getting a new lock. Also, if your key for the lock no longer works the way it should, and it is getting increasingly difficult to get your door open, that is another sure sign that your lock is wearing down. This is especially true on cold nights, since cold weather tends to shrink metal. Another way to tell if the lock needs replacing is if it feels loose or jiggles around from the inside.

Hopefully, with this information, you will be aware of why it is important to maintain upkeep on your locks at home, and also know when it is time to change them if necessary.